Federal Bureau of Investigation

THE REVELATION that the FBI is investigating FIFA should bring an end to three decades of institutional corruption, personified in recent times by President Sepp Blatter. I have been talking with Special Agents from the Organised Crime and Racketeering Section of the Department of Justice in Washington and with an FBI Organised Crime squad from New […]

1 OCI logo

“We searched around the globe,” Irish Olympic Committee president Pat Hickey told the Dublin Sunday World in November last year, in his quest for the best commercial partner to sell Ireland’s allocation of tickets for the London Games. Hickey may have searched the globe – but he found the answer close to home. At home, […]

1 IOC-Logo

The British Government’s denial of a visa for the president of the Belarus national Olympic committee – who also happens to be the president of Belarus – was a blow to Irish IOC member Pat Hickey, always happy to overlook his pal’s favourite sports of murder, torture, corruption and vote-rigging in his day job as […]


EXTRACT: There’s a private club of sports reporters who bring us the news and write about the Olympics. It is called the Olympic Journalists’ Association. Run your eye down the membership list and you’ll recognise many of the bylines from the sports pages, radio, television and the wires: Mihir Bose, David Bond, Paul Kelso and […]


It’s Closed Oyster time again! Germany’s association of investigative journalists – Netzwerk Recherche – gather in Hamburg every June to give this award to the most unhelpful and secretive person or organisation of the past year. In 2008 Andrew Jennings gave the Oration. Then the winners were German IOC member Thomas Bach and the International […]

José Maria Marin collecting his medal

The Boss picks up a gold medal as the first player comes up the steps. He congratulates the youngster and hands it over. His team has just won the São Paulo Junior Championship. Up comes the next player, and the whole team follows. The goalkeeper will be the last. Suddenly, The Boss makes his move. […]

Matt Mullenweg

Here’s a story the WordPress billionaires won’t welcome. It is a story of deceit, pomposity, greed and failure to live up to their self-proclaimed standards of integrity. Why? Because keeping their promises costs too much money. This sad narrative of a collapse of corporate ethics undermines the carefully crafted WordPress image of empowering writers, encouraging […]

Thousands were left without transportation

RIO DE JANEIRO, January 23, 2014: Less than six months before the beginning of World Cup 2014, cariocas are not experiencing promised legacy for Rio’s infra structure. Last week, heavy rains put the city under water and chaos. This week, a train derailment at station near Maracanã stadium, caused a breakdown in the entire railway […]

1 street

RIO DE JANEIRO, January 17, 2014: It only took one hour of heavy rain to put Rio de Janeiro, host of this year’s World Cup, under water. The storm started around 6pm Thursday evening and soon the entire city registered flooding, lack of street lighting and problems with public transport. In just one night the […]

Cartoonist Olé Andersen – Blatter gives his book a Red Card

Thin-skinned Sepp Blatter has persuaded a Zurich court to ban a book of jovial cartoons about him. The power of Blatter to bully Swiss justice officials was revealed when his lawyers wrote to the court insisting that the cartoons, by former footballer and noted graphics artist Olé Andersen, were so damaging that they should issue […]

1. Copa logo

A coalition of Brazilian World Cup and Olympic Committees has nominated FIFA to win a global election to find the World’s worst corporation. The Zurich-based world football governing body is accused of violation of human rights. The Coalition points to forced evictions of families living in the path of new construction for the World Cup, […]

1. Brazil final Draw

FIFA has rejected a black Brazilian couple chosen to host the final draw for the 2014 World Cup. Instead, the Swiss organisation has chosen a white couple, re-opening accusations of racism. FIFA denies having made the decision based on skin colour. The final draw ceremony, dividing the 32 finalists into eight first-round groups, will be […]

Carlos Nuzman - I'm secure as Rio Olympics boss!

As anger grows in Brazil that the 2016 Rio Olympics – like next year’s FIFA World Cup – will be another huge rip-off on taxpayers, President Dilma Rousseff has sent in the Army! Brazilian IOC member Carlos Nuzman and his Local Organising Committee has been sidelined and tough paratrooper General Fernando Azevedo e Silva been […]


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